As a developer myself, we spend lots of time contributing to open source or projects but at the same time we want to get something out of it, token of appreciation of token of recognition.

What it does

PRToken is a SAAS where any GitHub repo owner can create an tokenized incentive issue which allow developer to resolve and earn crypto, but at the same time every approved or merged pull request will allow the developer to earn an skills NFT, the skills NFT work as a certificate/auth which allow to access exclusive events, hackathons, discord channels etc, where developers want to advance their career, recruiters could come in our platform and find developers based on the skills NFT, where there are prove of skills guaranteed by the merged of the Pull Request.

How we built it

We built with NextJs on the Frontend, mixing js, ts, rescript, mongodb as for hosted issues etc, GitHub rest for interactions between platform and GitHub, we use yoroi wallet dapp connector for the transactions, smart contract is written in Haskell/plutu since we are doing Cardano

Challenges we ran into

Haskell is difficult, all of the founders are working full time so we develop quite slow.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Happy with the launch of the product with about 150 devs signup

What's next for PRToken

Currently we are working on develop on polygon where more users at, seeking for team and companies or whatever help to further push this product into reality.

Built With

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