prnsl-dctr is an IoT integration for the medication and drugs market for easier accessibility for people of old-age and impairments. We implemented this in a three-fold split

  • Web interface for uploading the pill-bottle label. (We wanted an android app but due to time-constraints we had to make do with this.)
  • Python script hosted on heroku that parses the image using Google's Vision API and sends uses Google's Calender API to set the reminders
  • Google's Dialogflow and Firebase Cloud Functions API to sound off the reminders for the conveinence of the user and other methods that offer assistive benefit to the end user.


Categorizes we are going for:

  • API Use
  • Assistive Tech
  • IoT
  • Overall

Things that this project can implement in the future:

  • Integration for Amazon's API for over-the-counter drugs
  • Using the Telemetry API from google to create automated IVR-like calling for automating creation of doctor appointments and ordering refills for prescriptions by phone.
  • Integration of e-911 calling with a location service for emergency calling using Twilio
  • Notification service for missed medication doses for doctors/concerned family
  • Keeping track of the amount of medication ordered for automating refills

We can implement these in a week's time and we can explain how we would do this.

Tech/APIs Used (so far)

  • [Node. js]
  • [Dialogflow]
  • [Firebase]
  • [Vanilla Javascript]
  • [HTML]
  • [CSS]
  • [Vision API]
  • [Nodemailer]
  • [Webhooks]
  • [Calendar API]
  • [Python]
  • [Heroku]

Calls fully/partly supported right now

Who is my doctor?
When does my prescription end?
When is my next medication due?
Give me my meds for today
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