As a group of friends we go out together a lot and split payments, we wanted a platform which would help us manage this in an easier way to avoid the stress of thinking about paying things back.

What it does

Tracks payments between friends and notifies people when they're running late

How we built it

MERN stack with firebase authentication

Challenges we ran into

Fleshing out our idea + time management

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning a bunch of cool things that we've never worked with before!

What we learned

We learnt how to communicate in our first hackathon that we got to do together in person. The mentors also helped us learn to think outside the box to create a more unique product. On top of this, we got to learn a bunch of tech we haven't worked with in the past!

What's next for Prrty

We would like to add payments through prrty to automate the payment process between friends even further. We also would like to add the options for more transactions in each Prrty party as well as twilio api integration for messaging notifications.

Built With

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