Our solution is smart indoor positioning and navigation mobile application and smart self analytics where Hajj visitors with the help of a smartphone can receive indoor voice guided navigation and location based information alerts to make it easy to find and explore places and items in places. Simply we need to make the Hajj visitor feeling Independent and self-reliant by himself. he will know where he have to go and what to say in the right time right place.

What it does

Imagine that the Hajj visitor being able to find the shortest rout at any time, knowing where he should go and what he have to do and say there without help from any one in any language.

The Hajj experience is becoming better, easier, and more convenient. Our solution can Provide the Hajj visitor and host the bellow features and services:

  • He will be able to know all the directions whether it was indoor or outdoor by our positioning system and indoor location.

  • He will be able to get and trigger notifications in a correct place correct time.

  • The Visitors are able to call for an urgent medical help by one button in the app or his hand band, system will send a notification to the nearest volunteer.

  • To avoid the crowding of the groups that they are doing every season of the haj like the east Asian visitors to be all together hand by hand, we can make them feeling all safe and conformable by tracking their members from the app directly.

  • Involve the visitors to help the security department to informing some important information can help to avoid the critical problems.

  • In case of fire, breakdown, crowding or any dangerous situation (God forbid), the security administrators can send a general alerts to all of the visitors to direct them to a safe area or to the nearest emergency exits.

  • Usually tracking and monitoring the people behavior is making us understand when and where the danger can be happen, but it is very difficult to monitor each person on the Hajj time. our solution can monitor all of them same real time by using the RTLS system.

There are too many Commercial services we can provide like : Connect with the transportation stations to know the timing and locations.

  • The restaurants and other retailers can send a advertisement to all of the visitors about the list of meals they have and the visitor can request by his location and he can pay online or on delivery.

  • We can connect the visitors with any service department needed to request a help or provide any information. All the movements, notifications, alerts, users profiles, timing and all what you need can be on the admin dashboard as a charts and analytics reports.

  • We can have results like the heat map, footage, most places visited, number of visitors, number pf returnees and too many reports

How we built it

We have build our software using 3 parts : 1- Back end and the admin dashboard, our dashboard will have a very specific role management to distribute the works as per the departments. we are using PHP based CMS 2- Mobile application : both platforms IOS and Android . using the android studio ,swift, Java 3- The Sensors : sensors, , no Infrastructure needed for the project, long battery life, very small shape, nordic, having 4 types of sensors build in, workable in all Weather conditions and green (environment friendly ) . all of them are connected by the could servers.

Challenges we ran into

1- Indoor location accuracy, the CAD files need to be imported to the system and the routes need to build hardly, we could not find local programmer to do that but we have found international programmer can do this but in a big amount so we avoid this part till we get the reward . 2- coverage area : we decided to find a beacon manufacturing can build a 800 meter, we find one and we succeed on that. 3- how to convey the retails to have our sensors into their systems or using our backend. we will try to offer them a free installations to help in proximity , otherwise will have the cloud to make the request and get the visitor direction only. 4- how to build our profile , we have a lot of services and we dont have a content writer to do that for us .

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud that we can show you how the mobile app can trigger the notification in proximity (near to the beacon). we can show you how our application is easy and clear to the users even if he is not familiar with the mobiles. we are very proud that we can help all of type of visitors ,age, gender, education and culture.

What we learned

We learn how to feel the other people pain, how to search hardly to make something very helpful for them. Different Feelings to do that in Baitu allah alharam .

What's next for Proximity of Hajj

1- We will try to build a 3D indoor location to show the visitors all what he need in the floor map. 2- We will build a machine learning solutions to avoid the mistake in the expectations 3- We will integrate the smart cameras in some places to help for some analytics. We don't have any limits , if i kept talking i will not stop shortly our limit is the sky

Codes is in the link bellow

Built With

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posted an update

Did you work on the front end, integrate a tricky API, or hack on hardware? we have used the PHP based CMS for the frontend website (wordpress) for the backend : framework : Codelgnitor programming : PHP Database : MySql API is developed using PHP on Codelgnitor framework for the hardware : we developed on the Estimote SDK (the hardware manufacturing) using JAVA for the android and Swift for the IOS

What are you most proud of?

We are proud to be part of haj service providers and providing more than 10 services in one app without any infrastructure needed .

What did you learn during the process?

We learned that all of the ideas start with small problem ,then can be translate to be a huge solution can be used and solving many issues and problems same time.

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