What is the need?

We've all been in the situation where WIFI is spotty, 3G doesn't work and GPS is too far ranged when trying to locate friends and family nearby. Whether you are in an emergency, abroad, or at a packed concert where these scenarios occur, with Proximity, we can now tell you which direction to head to find and chat with your friends with just Bluetooth.

What is the current state of Bluetooth technology?

  • Connectivity does not extend very far (approximately 20m or 65 ft)
  • Can’t tell you directionality (RSSI values just tell you distance)

What is our solution?

With Proximity, we've solved both those issues to help users find their friends efficiently by:

  • Making iPhones effectively an iBeacon and extending the distance of Bluetooth via multi-peer connectivity
  • Enabling chat functionality without any cellular reception
  • Triangulating directionality using sensor fusion data (core location) <- This is where we spent our efforts innovating and leveraging mathematical algorithms that would solve this issue

How does Proximity work?

  • Create a group on our website at: http://proximity-app.herokuapp.com/
  • Add members to your group
  • Download the Proximity App on your iPhone using the same email
  • When you need to locate friends, open the Proximity app to start
  • The app will allow you to chat and also tell you which direction to walk and if you are getting closer to your friend

Business Potential

Think globally - in countries and rural cities where internet is not available, this technology could provide key communication tools, whether via messaging or locating others. By harnessing the power of mesh networking, communication could extend further than Bluetooth's distance alone. This could provide the infrastructure necessary to message or locate individuals in the case of disasters or help prevent diseases from spreading

What are some of the general use cases?

  • Emergencies
  • Traveling abroad
  • Hanging out at the beach
  • Hiking around in the forest
  • Heading to the bathroom by yourself at a concert
  • Exploring an amusement park
  • Socializing at a conference with your coworkers
  • Hitting the slopes to snowboard or ski
  • Finding your friends at the bar
  • And the list goes on and on....

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