Ever since the Paris attacks, when Facebook added the Paris flag filter, we knew that using people profile pictures is the perfect medium for creating viral support. Unfortunately there was a flaw with the way the Facebook implemented it. Having only one filter undermined other world events, and this only created viral support and did nother to solve the problem.

What it does

This is where comes into play. By having a wide selection of world events, charities, and campaign filters to choose from, no matter what is going on in the world you will be able to show your support. Also with integrated PayPal you are able to donate directly to these charities to make real in world progress.

Users go to the website and log in with their Facebook account. They then are able to see what the different filters would look like over their current profile picture and if they like it with one click they can upload the picture to Facebook to show the world their support, and with one more click they can donate through PayPal to create real world change.

How we built it

Using boot strap templates for the outline of the website we were able to build out creating a method of creating images from the users retrieved Facebook profile picture. We then added the tech for uploading this image to Facebook in one click. On the back end side there is a large infrastructure created to withstand our future growth, enabling companies to create their own accounts and manage multiple filter campaigns while tracking who is downloading which filter.

Challenges we ran into

Being a group of relatively new programmers, each step was a learning process. From attempting to work our way through Facebook's restrictive setup for uploading images, to saving two images overlaid as one to the server, we had to work as a team /shout out to stack overflow/ and were able to compete the task at hand.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

WE FINISHED!!!!! Also we each learnt so much about different sections that we were struggling in. Being able to upload the photo to Facebook would be our proudest step as it took the majority of the time learning and reimplementing different methods.

What we learned

Each of us will be taking home new skills and new knowledge in our respective programming languages. Also learnt that nothing compares to reading the forms when you reach a problem.

What's next for

We plan to expand the system to allow companies and non-profits to log in and create their own campaigns individually to us. Also by taking 0.01% of donation, we will be able to advertise our site and help it grow to the level we hope it can. We hope to see on your Facebook Feed soon!!

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