We have two main ideas for the hackathon project (haven’t finally decided yet). Both of them are about raising social awareness.

Twitter coronavirus warrior There is a lot of information about coronavirus on the Internet and sometimes that information is fake. The goal of our project is to raise social awareness about coronavirus and distribute truthful information. We are going to focus on Twitter discussions. The idea is as follows: Let’s detect discussions about coronavirus and try to understand the tone of discussion (for example, using Machine Learning). Then, our bot will enter the thread with some useful and truthful information about coronavirus (with links and proofs). The type of provided information will be determined using the tone of discussion: the bot will provide proofs that coronavirus exists if people reject the existence of coronavirus, will provide proofs that coronavirus if people say that coronavirus is just flu, will provide guides how to survive coronavirus if people are panicking and so on.

It should reach a lot of Twitter users and mitigate the spread of fake news.

An interactive game that raises awareness about coronavirus.

With loads of information on the internet, it is sometimes hard to pick out relevant information about CoVID-19 in a fast and pleasant way. We propose a game that would engage people and instruct them on how to behave during this time. This game will have a form of a quiz in which you try to answer popular questions like “When do you need to wear a mask? What are the main symptoms of coronavirus? Is it flu or much worse? Why is it more contagious? What should you do if you get CoVID-19 symptoms? etc”. All answers to each question would be supported by trusted sources like CDC.gov, WHO.int, etc.

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