The customer buys something in the market but is unsure whether the product is genuine or counterfeit. That’s why we built Provenance - a decentralized application to hassle-free verify the authenticity of products and manage supply chain operations. The goal is to provide a platform where consumers can have confidence in the authenticity of the products they buy, while also protecting the value and heritage of luxury goods, high-end art pieces, and exclusive collections. In short, Provenance is inspired by the belief that technology can be used for good, to create a more secure and transparent world for all.

😃What it does

It provides an interactive platform that allows users to track and verify the history of a product, from the time it was manufactured to when it was shipped. With Provenance, you can have confidence in your purchasing decisions, knowing that the product you're buying is genuine.

The platform's most distinctive aspect is its ability to ensure secure and efficient supply chain operations over Proof of Benefit (PoB) consensus. The smart contracts handle these operations, and the integration of QR code-based product verification streamlines the process.

🔧 How we built it

We created this semantic frontend using NextJS, Tailwind CSS, and Chakra-UI. We've also incorporated a explore page to list all products. On the technical side, we've used Solidity to develop a smart contract that securely stores product details, daily status, and the utility of tracking. The smart contract is deployed on the 5ire chain testnet which enables the sustainable approach. We've designed Provenance in such a way that it helps the guest users to verify just by QR code.

💪Challenges we ran into

We didn’t know how to write a smart contract and deploy it on an actual Testnet. And yet we successfully deployed on 5ire chain.

  • Deployed Address: 0xFB801941BbE40Ab6f150320a79Aa5518f73564dA

The most challenging part for us was to integrate the read-write contract functionality. We couldn’t able to pull off the zero-knowledge proof compatibility using Polygon ID as the transactions are performed on 5ire chain.

🙌Accomplishments that we're proud of

We only had two goals: to make it user-friendly and trustworthy. With 36 hours to spare, we managed to create a user experience that is interactive and seamless. Throughout the development, we ensured that we all felt included and had something to contribute. This was the best domain that we have worked on and looking forward to building more of such cool hacks!

📚What we learned

We have learned about smart contracts and their deployment. What we learned most of all was how to use these versatile technologies: Solidity and Typescript primarily! We got to know about Proof of Benefit consensus and how it is different from other chains enabling sustainability. We also learned how to implement ZKP using Polygon ID and flutter application to make the verification phase very feasible.

💭What's next for Provenance

There are so many ideas that would have been amazing implementations, but we had a limited scope of time. We want to enhance user experience with simple QR code to authorize the role. Tracking over any chain by interoperability feature and analytics… what ISN’T next for Provenance

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