What kickstarted the idea to put together Proven I.T. was when one of our team members, was sharing his frustrations with tracking their item from overseas. It made us realize there were major supply chain and provenance problems out there that Blockchain can help solve.

We are really inspired by the Canadian tech team at Aion, we like their mission and what their values – we also wanted to challenge ourselves at Bitcoin Bay to try new tech.

What it does

The interface we are putting together assists a user track, a Parcel as it handed over from one stakeholder to the next.

Under the hood, the Parcel (or any package really) in question is represented by a unique ATS token – and as the Parcel travels from a delivery man to the receiver so does the ATS token.

How we built it

We wired several smart contracts to an interface that watched where the Parcel token exists in at any given time. The interface watches the token smart contract to see if there is any change of owner and updates the graphics appropriately.

Challenges we ran into

Using event listeners, Aion's implementation of Web3 & deploying token contracts were all challenges we had to surpass with this new Blockchain.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That we got it all working! We got it WORK!!!

What we learned

Don't assume just because a Blockchain is based on Ethereum that developing on that new network is easy work – it's absolutely new territory where implementations of your program can be wildly different from what we expect.

What's next for Proven I.T.

To integrate our new tools with what we put together with the Vest Project, we're going to build more advanced dApp experiences for future hackathons – maybe even a product.

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