-- What is it about? Our hack consists of a highly intuitive user interface to interact with 3D models displayed in a virtual reality headset for smartphones. Instead of just looking to virtual reality animations, which lack of user interaction, or just using accelerometers and gyros in the headset, which only let you be an observer, we are giving you a box which you can freely move as if you were grabbing the object you look at. The 3D model visualized will rotate the same way you turn the box. Hence you can really play with the object super easily and see the virtual model moving accordingly.

-- Technical difficulty: - Filtering of noise to get clean yaw, pitch and roll values of the box from accelerometer and gyroscope sensors, using arduino. - Sending values from sensors to android app through BLE. - Making a real stereoscopic vision for the model by dividing the phone screen and setting two different viewpoints at a precise distance between them. - Coordinating input values from sensors to rotation of the model.

-- This kind of interaction doesn't exist yet as it is usually replaced by a complex handset that you have to master to understand how to interact with it. You can also use leap motion or myo band but they still lack of intuitivity. A simple object which you can freely manipulate is really the easiest way to interact, even babies could understand how it works in a matter of seconds.

-- This is an extremely useful device to let everybody visualize 3D models with a seamlessly intuitive fashion. It lets doctors visualize 3D models of body organs without having to figure out how it works, engineers look up at new products and let others have a look at them really easily just by sharing the box and headset. Also customers of stores will be able to showcase everything by just having this device in their shop as it is so easy to use!

In a nutshell, it is a gem!

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