We were playing Trivia Crack and Kahoot when we thought of this project.

What it does

ProudPineapples allows people to compete with their friends online, answering questions about social change. In the midst of having fun, our purpose is to create greater awareness of our communities and the communities around us. The 1-on-1 playing style is intentional so that people can learn together and initiate conversations regarding social change to potentially take action.

How we built it

Our game utilizes a Javascript interface, powered by Python and Flask. User data is stored in a SQLite 3 database.

Challenges we ran into

For the Javascript part of the game, we had a lot of trouble getting both the question and the answer to show up. At first we used CGI with Python which ran into the issue that we couldn't find a way to host it. Due to this we started learning Flask in the middle of the night (THANK YOU AMY AND HALEY FOR HELPING US!!!).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our game (finally!) works. It is able to display our questions and answers and it randomly generates these from a database. We have a sign up and log in database that stores usernames and passwords. Passwords are hashed to protect user privacy. We had a nice front end design as well.

What we learned

We completely relearned Javascript and Python in order to do this project and because we couldn't find a way to support CGI we had to learn Flask. We also learned SQLite last night in order to create databases that allow for storing usernames and passwords.

What's next for Proud Pineapples

Our questions still need a lot of work because we weren't able to spend a lot of time creating questions and answer combinations. We are also going to expand the functionality by allowing users to add friends and keep track of games that they are playing against friends. We have the database set up for this but it's not usable yet.

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