We are five bright and determined Howard University students, ready to change the world! Our solution and model company, “&Proud” is inspired by the experience of our family members and our own workplace experiences. Our name signifies that no one should be ashamed of their background. Examples being Black&Proud, LGBTQ&Proud, Disabled&Proud, Mother&Proud, and the list goes on and on.

Embracing everyone's differences makes for a more effective and inclusive workplace. Our build was created using HTML, CSS, javascript, and Github. Each member contributed to the pages seen on the website.

Our team faced this challenge with impeccable gusto and determination, it was once again proven that hackathons are not for the faint of heart. As the days continued our ability to stay awake was the only thing that declined but otherwise, it was smooth sailing. I would just like to highlight that for our first time working as a team things went quite well. When one of us wasn't quite knowledgeable about a topic we learned together. We collaborated on ideas, made tough decisions, and ultimately created a solution that we are all proud of no matter the outcome of the hackathon.

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