What inspired us to build this program is the growing violence in the world. All throughout Canada and other countries, more crimes related to violence have become more apparent, and even the people we know have started to take these actions. As caring people of the city of Brampton, we have become very concerned with the safety of the new generation. Children are very impressionable, and may follow strangers because they are adults. To increase the safety of their commute to school via school bus, we can monitor who goes on the bus and when they get off, and we could see if they were to get off outside of their bus stop and school.

What it does

This app allows bus drivers and parents to keep track of whether children have boarded and/or left the school bus. This also provides emergency information to the bus driver when he or she needs it. This app also allows the school to properly track students using the bus, ensuring their safety and having evidence of the records.

How we built it

First we collaborated together and decided what key features would be included in our app. Then, we drew what the interface of our app would look like on a whiteboard. We built an Android app using Android Studio, our app was programmed using Java.

Challenges we ran into

We had 6 people on the team so delegating tasks between all the members and combining everyone’s work at the end into one app was very challenging. Also, most of us are beginner programmers and none of us has ever used Android Studio before, so we were unfamiliar with the code.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to make a basic app for the very first time. We also made a prototype for the first time and made a database.

What we learned

Each member has learned a new thing since we have all did something different. 3 of our members have learned how to use android studio. One member learned how to make a database using firebase. One member learned how make prototype on

What's next for ProTrack

This project allows for a huge open field for emergency info to be on a person at all time. What this project allows for is an additional users, who have no relationship to the person, to scan the NFC tags to access the database and gain emergency information.

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