Our initial thoughts when we received this project assignment were that we needed a simple way for lodges to deliver information and events to the common Arrowman. The current system involves traveling to many different websites in order to sign up for events, gather forms, and get general information within the lodge. We knew we needed a singular place that could hold all of this information and allow lodge leadership to add new events, documents, and send out new information to their Arrowmen.

We decided on creating an app for this purpose. Since most of the Arrowmen own smartphones and use them rigorously, this is a good target for sending out information. Having the ability to send information directly to devices that are used constantly is a vast advantage when managing a lodge.

The main functions of the app are twofold, a user side and an administration side. Once users sign in, they are able to view a myriad of information sources including documents, a calendar, and upcoming events. Also, users are able to receive push notifications from the application. On the administration side, there exists the ability to edit the calendar, add events and documents, manage members within the app, and send notifications to users. This allows for ease of communication between lodge leadership and members.

Given the time and resource constraints for the project, we could not create a fully working application. However, we created a prototype that contains most of the functions we were working towards, and placeholders for those we could not complete.

The link for the code repository is https://github.com/bobby12345/OA_App_Template and the link for the video is https://youtu.be/FnMsgoLGSDA

Quint Street, Robert Meikle, JR Clark

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