Our App is called protomato. This project has been made using figma. Protomato is an app that brings together individuals that enjoy growing and sharing their produce with others. With our app, users can sign up and join our network. Our software lets you showcase what sort of vegetation you’re growing as well as link with others that are growing crops that you like or would like to trade crops with! If that’s not enough, you can even look for local farmers markets that have more fruits and veggies that you could grow yourself!! With this sort of functionality, we are allowing you to make new friends that share the same passion as you as well as find a more eco friendly way of getting your produce. By using our app you have peace of mind knowing where your vegetables come from as well as knowing that the food you eat will be produced in a safe environment.

Just the fact that as of 2017 Ontario has over 182 registered farmers markets, while around 94% of people use a supermarket as their main source of buying produce was a little shocking. By providing an easy way for members of our community to get in touch with others that are like minded and either grow their own vegetables or want to eat more local produce, we aim to lower that figure down to a more reasonable number. This would provide more income to local farmers as well as boost the health of the members of our community. So together we can as a whole move forward as a society that desperately need it.

Over the course of this project, we have learned a lot about the impact we as consumers have when buying and eating produce. Whether that be knowing that a lot of harm can be dealt to our environment with the overuse of mass farming and using pesticides or even the fact that not all of our “fresh” produce has been created equally. By learning this, we thought as though it was our responsibility to create an app that helps make our planet more green in a fun way that brings our community together. We also learned how to use Figma to base our projects (insert more stuff about figma here).

This project can be scaled to an extremely high level. We could transition our app from just a mobile solution to a full fledged server that can deal with both desktop and mobile clients that will allow users to network with each other across essentially all platforms, giving as many people as we can the ability to make new friends and become more eco friendly.

Built With

  • figma
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