A want to design an app with a 3D input device, for the purpose of assisting people in understanding complicated biological topics that are otherwise difficult to understand.

How it works

A blood vessel is simulated on-screen, as well as a user-modifiable virus. The virus is released by the user who then observes the virus as it takes over cells and reproduces.

Challenges we ran into

Errors in transforming from app-world space to real-world space, errors accurately mapping user's hands, errors creating a responsive interface

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Live 3D representation of hands, as well as the new type of UI, creating a new tool to aide in the understanding of complicated biological processes.

What we learned

The LeapMotion API as well as 3D matrices, transformations, and rendering.

What's next for Protogen

Visualization for other systems in the human body, as well as more detailed and accurate depictions of the systems currently simulated.

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