We used to write our protocols in separate Word files per week and in that we would write Todos of which we thought off. But if we wanted to search through things which have to be done we had to check each file separately. This was really frustrating and confusing.

What it does

Protodo helps you and your team to manage your Protocols and Todos for each project. Our SPA is responsive and mobile first designed. You can also call you colleges via the app without knowing each other Numbers, thanks to twilio. Besides that you can also get Information about your/colleges todos and working hours via SMS.

How We built it

We used Feathersjs as an open source REST and realtime API layer for modern applications. Node.js and Mongoose are used for the Backend. Angular 2 for the Frontend. Twilio is our great SMS and Voice api.

Accomplishments that We are proud of

-Mobile First Design -working conference calls via Twilio

What We learned

-How easy it is to use Twilio -Learning a lot about custom services

What's next for Protodo

-Calendar Imports -CSV and PDF exports -Twilio Sync integration for real time collaboration edits -Creating entries Via Voice or SMS -Markdown Support

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