Myself and my teammate are both filmmakers, recently having made a film about an astronaut deciding where he feels most at home; on earth or on the alien planet he is exploring. Within the film, the astronaut uses an app on a tablet to identify and log the names and details of things he finds - we wanted to bring this to life.

What it does

With the app, an image can be taken and behind the scenes it is uploaded to a Google Cloud Platform Bucket, a link is generated. The link is sent to IBM Watson for visual recognition analysis, which provides us with details of what the image is of. This is displayed to the user, and the user is prompted to put in new information about the thing they've just discovered, which is in turn stored in Google Cloud Platform's database. If the item they've discovered already exists in the database, they will not be able to name the item, and will be shown who named it, the date and location it was found.

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