Lachlan has organized political action events, such as a Trans Day of Solidarity at a Representative's office. Getting the word out about protests however, is extremely difficult. Protestor aims to solve this issue.

What it does

Protestor gives the everyday political organizer the tools they need to organize & market incredible events.

The main page is a directory showing upcoming local protests. Open one to see details, location, and RSVP.

Organizers get a suite of powerful tools. They can view the details of those who RSVP'd, send out a bulk SMS message to all of them with updates, or give out a unique photo upload link—allowing the organizer to easily collect photos from people with all kinds of devices. The app also automatically designs PDF posters with event details to print & post.

How we built it

The entire site runs on Ruby on Rails on Heroku. Lachlan designed/built the frontend, Theo built the backend.

Challenges we ran into

Theo falling asleep.

What’s next for Protestor

We’ll continue adding organizing tools, improving privacy/security of the experience, & add marketing materials, then launch it to the public. We’re planning to seed it first to friends in the political organizing space to get initial feedback.

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