With the numerous social justice issues being brought to light in the past while, demonstrations and protests have swept the world for reform. We as a team wanted to address this issue.

Also, we have seen UIPath as a sponsor for a few hackathons now and wanted to try it out in a project.

What it does

Protest RPA scrapes the web for protest information and dates from articles, effortlessly converts raw data written by people into a machine-friendly format, and uploads the newly created file directly to Google Drive - all without human help.

How we built it

Protest RPA is heavily based on the UIPath software for scraping data, automating connections, exporting, and uploading to Google Calendar without human intervention. The bulk of the data processing is done through Excel queries and formulas to convert unformatted text to a computer friendly file.

Challenges we ran into

We both had no prior experience with UIPath or other RPAs. It was both fun and challenging to work on a project that was entirely graphical with no code.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned a new technology and got everything polished and working smoothly.

What we learned

We learned how to use RPA software, something that is highly applicable to other projects and automation tasks in general.

What's next for Protest RPA

Next we want to work on deployment. How can we get this tool in the hands of others?

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