"The Day Without Hispanics" that took place in the nation shocked us and was miscommunicated with our community leading to many problems. We wanted to make sure that everyone is able to communicate exactly what it is they want to do for protests and how people can get involved.

What it does

Connect the organizers and the protestors together; allows the sponsors to team up with organizers; educate the protestors with a better organized protest.

How we built it

Based on our skills, we built it with mit-app-inventor.

Challenges we ran into

Layout management

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The database of protestors and organizers; the algorithms of the interface

What we learned

How to manage mit-app-inventor better; group-work

What's next for Protest OrganizeNation

Build up a more mature app with more sophisticated features including location pinpointing and better security.

Built With

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