This hackathon highlighted the importance of getting a court order in a quick, safe, manageable process.

What it does

The abused person can logon to the this website and start the process. The user can return later to finish the process. When finished, the user can print the appropriate "request for order" to submit to the court. We also generate the appropriate order for the Judge to sign. We, the user and the court would prefer an electronic format. We would need to agree to some electronic format for the document. Then we would submit the document and get back a case number from the court that we could help the user track the progress of the case.

How we built it

We used modern web technologies to recreate the requirements of the Utah "Request for Protective Order" form. We enhanced the form with shortcuts based on user responses. We then generate the request and the order.

Challenges we ran into

Interesting issues of exactly how to make a sight that could be useful without direct integration with the court website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The for the "request for protection order" and "order" has about 250 fields. It was quite a task to map that to a datasource and an efficient UI.

What we learned

Too much to list.

What's next for ProtectionOrder.Tech

Integration with a real court system such that we can automate this process completely and track the progress as the order is approved by the court and served on the respondent.

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