Protection Connection is an online forum for community reviewing of different brands of contraception. We found that the need for a basic Birth-Control-101 site was far less than the need for something to help users narrow down from the hundreds of options available. Trojan itself has 36 distinct lines of condoms available! We hope to encourage people to find their best fit. In a study by Jenny A. Higgins in Sexual Health (2008), she found that “if women think male condoms undermine pleasure, they may be less inclined to use them at each sexual encounter or during the full duration of intercourse.” Through fostering honest and positive community discourse, we hope to encourage contraceptive use and promote sexual health.

Our inspiration was an experience Raksha had as an RA, when a resident poorly reviewed the Health Center's free condom's on a facebook post (whoops!) The Health Promotions staff were surprised, because of how rarely they get student feedback on things like quality of condoms. Additionally, experiences at campus drugstore staring at the overwhelming condom aisle before taking a shot in the dark is a common college experience.

Our audience encompasses anyone in the market for contraception. Users are already researched on the differences between contraceptive forms, but looking to narrow their options. Technologically, anyone from the public library user to the on-the-go iPhone user can comfortably and quickly use PC.

We're really proud of our formatting! Additionally, the widget we use for the comment section looks sleek and allows us to view our analytics on an external site. We're really proud of how much we learned on the go, as a team with a collective of 1 hackathon under our belts. We've learned GitHub, HTML, CSS, and how to use opensource resources for our project.

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