In approaching the problem, we realized how little we understood about the impact of non-sustainable palm oil production on Orangutan habitat and the incredible complexity of the problem. After researching and discussing the many moving parts and ways to help, we realized that by raising awareness to the problem we could inspire others to think, feel, and take action.

What it does

Our web site, Protecting Our Orangutan Habitat (POOH), is an ArcGIS story map that uses maps, charts, descriptive information, pictures, and videos to describe the problem of non-sustainable palm oil production and its impact on Orangutan habitat in Borneo. An additional reporting app allows users to add reports of conflict palm oil incidents as photographs and text tied to locations on the map.

Visit it at Protect Our Orangutan Habitat

How I built it

ArcGIS Online story map (see for a free account).

What's next for Protecting Our Orangutan Habitat (POOH)

-- Localized versions for Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand

Built With

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