Nowadays, we all feel an urge to edit the pdf files. What better way to do it if we all have an application that will do the work for us. Also, we will get the secure environment of Auth0.

What it does

The application helps in converting the pdf files into doc files under the secure environment of Auth0.

How we built it

I have used HTML and CSS for the frontend, django apllication for the framework, python libraries to convert pdf to doc along with Auth0 configuring the security end.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating Auth0 in the application is a major challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud of making the application work and present it with a proper technology demonstration.

What we learned

I learned time management.

What's next for Protected PDF to Document Converter

The project is open-source and all contributions will be welcomed. I am also trying to do the document to pdf convert all in the same application in the future.

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