The main idea was to give the kids something that could drive them to write, Our first idea was a dairy, but finally we decided to go with a chat. The idea is to anlize the chats the kids do, and detect if there exists some kind of harasing or bulling.

What it does

The app gives a chat where the kid can talk with a volunter.

The messages the kid send are stored in a mongodb and analized with google analyzeSentiment, the api gives a web so an specialist can see how the kids are doing.

How we built it

We used Ionic for the app so it's multiplatform

We used node+express for the server and API

For the web we used html+css+bootstrap+jquery+javascript

Challenges we ran into

It was Loretos first tame writing any code, and we where just two people doing a backend and two fronends. So we had to keep that in mind

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The web loreto did loocks awsome and I particulary loved the experience of seeing or idea come to live

What we learned

Loreto: html+css+bootstrap+jquery+javascript Francesc: Ionic

What's next for Protect Me

Coming to live

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