The story started when I met with my friend who has a small business, and told me about his business and how difficult small businesses are when it comes to cashflow management and finding new customers and suppliers. I then help my friend search for some tools in Xero marketplace. However, no tool can actually measure the cashflow accurately. As the underlying credit risk assessment of his customers and suppliers are inaccurate. Hence, I decided to tackle this problem, and the first step is to solve this problem by creating a useful tool to easily monitor the credit limits of SME's customers and suppliers.

What it does

It provides a single view of all outstanding balance and overdue amount of all customers and suppliers, it will allows users to add credit limits and set credit stop once limit is breached.

How I built it

Using C# Xero API .net library downloaded from Github, I then use them in the core MVC application and host it in Azure.

Challenges I ran into

I originally build it in Chrome browser extension, but the session redirect and the call back url is challenging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have built the web application and allow me to build more features in the future.

What I learned

I learn how to use Xero .net API and it makes Xero app development a lot quicker.

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