Healthcare management is a crucial part of our society. When it comes to healthcare, it becomes really important for the users to know that their data is in safe hands and it is not accessed by any other third parties. Also the doctors have to make sure that they are getting paid on time. Compromises can't be made when it comes to something so crucial. Hence, it becomes obvious for everyone to think that a system like healthcare should be tamperproof, trustless and democratic.

What it does

My project aims to make healthcare system trustless. I have implemented the healthcare system on stacks blockchain using clarity programming language with the help of smart contracts. This healthcare system has all basic functionalities of a traditional healthcare system, like adding patient data, adding data about doctors, assigning doctors to patients, treating patients, generating bills, paying bills etc. All of these functionalities happen over blockchain which basically means that users don't have to trust a single entity with their data and their data won't be compromised. Doctors can also make sure they are paid on time because bills are also stored on blockchain. All these functionalities can be accessed using a react frontend which was also developed to make the platform user friendly. The frontend communicates with the stacks blockchain and updates the state of smart contract when necessary.

How we built it

I build the smart contract using clarity programming language and front end using react-js. For testing, typescript libraries were used. Different react libraries were also used to facilitate the communication of front end with the state of stacks blockchain.

Challenges we ran into

It became really difficult for me to start with clarity as a programming language initially, but I started to love this programming language as I wrote more and more code in it Writing tests for clarity smart contract was also a bit challenging, but I found some good material online and was able to write tests First I tried to make an android app as a front end because I have good experience with kotlin. But later, I found stacks has provided a lot of front end support in react-js, so I picked up react-js instead. Developing in react-js was a bit challenging, because I have limited experience with react-js, but I surely knew the basics which helped me out in developing Finally, making the react project communicate with stacks blockchain was most challenging for me, but thanks to good material online and good support from stacks community in discord, I was able to achieve this final goal too.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud of the fact that I got the opportunity to learn clarity because all the other smart contract languages are quite similar and I think I ended up learning something new while working with clarity. I am also proud of the fact I was able to make a full-fledged smart contract with most of the functionalities of a healthcare system I can think of

What we learned

I learned clarity programming language, how stacks blockchain works (proof of transfer etc), how to write tests for clarity, how to deploy clarity smart contract, how to debug smart contracts, how to make blockchain projects in react-js, how to make smart contract transactions and contract calls from react-js

What's next for Prosper - Transforming Healthcare, One Block at a Time.

I want to add a few more functionalities to the smart contract and make a full fledged front end for the same My real target here would be to make an android app front end because more people are comfortable with their smart phones and healthcare will become more accessible to anyone and everyone

stacks mainnet address

provided in github readme

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