What is Prosper?

An AI based chat bot that can act as a virtual Psychiatrist to help diagnose and help with mental health problems.


Being in love with Machine Learning, me and my team wanted to build something that has an enormous potential to be a everyday application.

What it does

This AI driven chat bot talks to a person and behaves like an online Psychiatrist that diagnoses a person's problem! The AI with is natural language processing understands the person and diagnoses mental Illnesses such as PTSD.

How we built it

We used Machine Learning to analyze various important datasets to predict values such as hours slept by a person during night and chance of occurrence of a heart attack. We then applied these models into the answers given by a person in the chat bot. We also designed a web application to host the chatbot and show valuable statistics such as the accuracy of the predictions. We also implemented the chat bot to work with Messenger, Slack, Whatsapp and various other services.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating the user's answers into the database to run machine learning algorithms has been the toughest problem we faced. Another problem is figuring out an overarching plan to put all these services together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For half of the team members, this was our very first Hackathon and we learned a lot about figuring out the combinations and also various technologies that our team members were familiar with,

What's next for Prosper

  1. More research!
  2. Advanced Natural Language Processing for the computer to completely understand a person.
  3. With future plans, Prosper can be improved to:
  4. Encompass a broader range of illness detectability.
  5. Include a more broader set of data to analyze.
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