YouTube video showcasing the prologue in Prosody

YouTube video showcasing the hardware that Prosody uses


Finding time in your schedule to be calm can be challenging in today’s connected world. As much as we’d love to make time for meditation, sometimes it’s hard to dedicate those 20 minutes to calm inner silence. Prosody is a gamified version of training your brain. It’s a virtual reality game that teaches the user how to remain calm rewarding the users who stay calm under pressure.

What it does

Prosody goes through a storyline consisting of three chapters, each getting progressively more intense while still encouraging the user to maintain their calm and collected composure.

It begins with a short calibration period during the prologue before shortly catapulting the user into our storyline.

The game scenario rewards the calmer users with high scores upon finishing each level.

We envision Prosody used in safety training simulations or proactive support for individuals with mental health issues.

How we built it

  • Muse headband outputs data in relative values of alpha, beta, gamma, delta, and theta waves. Tracking percentage of beta and gamma waves, associated with stress, we can determine how calm the user is.

  • 3D scenes were built in Unity and with support for the Google Cardboard in mind.

  • Bluetooth controller to allow the player to navigate the world while the headset is on.

  • Amazon Polly was used to generate the narration. We used Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) to make the speech more realistic -- adding pauses and emphasis.

  • Lots of Red Bull and Coffee

Challenges we ran into

Our most significant challenges was getting the Muse to work with Android. The development workflow was very slow since we had to build every time we want to test. Muse's documentation is lacking and inadequate, we had to figure out a lot of things the hard way.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Each scene has a completely different feeling yet is tied together by certain auditory components and a simple overall storyline. We’re most proud of our ability to build these diverse scenes with Unity, we are proud of our teamwork and cooperation to stay coordinated throughout the hackathon.

What's next for Prosody

Our first step is feedback. We want to get people's opinions on our work.

Dennis is planning on improving the data analysis on the Muse headband. He aims to learn more deeply about brain waves in order to precisely calculate the player's performance.

Omar is planning on releasing an open source repository with the objective of making the Muse easier to dive into.

Erica did a fantastic job at designing and managing the project, however she was very jealous of the developers. She wants to learn programming.

Kayla hopes to use her knowledge as a Data Scientist at Mikutech in order to improve user experience in the future.

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