We were inspired by the current events, which we felt highlighted the generosity of a large percent of the population in their efforts to promote and support important movements and organizations. Specifically, we saw many of our peers creating fundraisers to donate money to organizations such as Black Lives Matter, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, The Bail Project, and more. As artists ourselves, we strived to contribute to these movements with our talents, creating posters and promotional materials.

We created prosféro to transform the way in which artists can contribute their talents to activism and altruism. prosféro is a Greek word meaning "to donate" and our web app provides a platform for artists to sell their artwork to clients who donate to charities, non-profits, and other organizations on a commission basis.


prosféro allows artists to sign up for commissions, inputting their information and activism area of choice into a database. Then, customers can peruse prosféro's list of artists based on medium and charity type, and choose to contact an artist to proceed with a commission. To hire an artist for a commission, the customer can then donate to a charity that matches the artist's required donation amount and chosen charity type. Then, we provide a form to contact the artist and upload proof of the donation, which gets sent to the artist. Additionally, we provide the artist's contact information should the customer wish to speak with them on a different platform. The artist then proceeds with the commission, sending the artwork back to the customer.


We used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a robust website. Additionally, we used Bootstrap to add elegant elements to our website. We integrated our web app with Firebase to allow artists to input their information, store it, retrieve the information, and display it back to the customer. The result: prosféro is a dynamic and efficient platform for supporting humanitarian causes!


All of us are first-time hackers, due to the constraints of an online hackathon, we found it difficult to make sure our edits did not overlap and to satisfy all of our expectations. We were able to manage this with good communication and using Git for version control. Additionally, 2/3 of us have never used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or Firebase before, so it was a steep learning curve to become accustomed these tools and skills while creating a web app using them (and doing it all virtually!). We also had a teammate have a personal situation come up thus unfortunately lost a team member midway. However, all of us agree that this was one of the most difficult but interesting projects we have completed, and we are extremely proud of how it has turned out.

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