Its hard to find someone to run lines with. Students of the theater know the struggle. with prose pros, people can practice their lines with the assistance of automated voices that fill in for other characters.

What it does

Scans theater scripts and allows users to choose character and scene number to practice. Converts text to speech and includes scene setting to establish the mood. Prose Pros can be used to put on radio plays to entertain socially distanced society. Speech to text conversion to evaluate thespian's performance score theater homework and tests. It can be used to put on one-man shows and low-budget productions at schools

How we built it

We initially used figma for designing. Using html, css, JavaScript and django framework we developed the code for the website. For text to speech conversion we used Python - pyttsx3 library. To change the background scenes we are using unsplash API.

Challenges we ran into

  • conversion of figma design to an actual functional website
  • Integrating JavaScript and Python

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Designing and developing an innovative idea that enables one to practice their lines with the assistance of automated voices that can fill in for other characters was fascinating. Integrating the features like changing the background according the scene and integrating background music to develop a reliable solution was one of the main achievements that our team is proud of.

What we learned

Saket learned about the working and implementation of django framework. Shruti learned how django modules interact with each other and how to use unsplash api. this is my first hackathon. Matt learned about the basics of dynamic http pages and how they integrate design elements with code. Ananya learned about text to speech conversion and reading scripts. Pravallika learned about text to speech conversion using pyttsx3 and developing prototypes with Figma.

What's next for Prose Pros

-Adding emotion to character voices based on scene mood

  • Adding playlists to set the mood
  • More variety of voices for characters
  • Adding more popular plays for on-demand use
  • Custom scripts to be uploaded by user
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