I had no time to submit a video, the one referenced is just to be able to ubmit the project. Sorry :-/


Some people stop every relationships, other people don't care. It's difficult to evaluate the risk of his/her social behavior in relation with the virus, which spreads. Epidemiologists, virologists, phisicians, ... needs data to analyze the spread evolution and understand how the virus propagates.

What it does

Aim to develop a simple application where anyone can anonymously register and get an identifier, define relationships by scanning barcode and give information about them in order to inform and keep informed about risk in his/her relationship neighborhood. One can decide to tell a relationship who he is, with association to the anonymous identifier. Data can also be used to study the spread of the contagion, to alert neighborhood about risky situations, ... Nothing is done automatically, everyone choose which information to give to the system and to other people. One place can also have an account and thus its own barcode. People visiting that place can scan the barcode, thus the system can have information about who whas where and when. Day time slider allows to show the relationhips in the last defined amount of days in order to visually evaluate the risk of a meet. Relatinship depth slider allows to view the network of relationships including indirect ones (relationships of own relationhips) and evaluate the potential spread of the virus if one gets ill. Visualization is a key success factor, as people can see what happens, evaluate the risk of meeting someone, "fight" against clusters, ...

How I built it

Usage of D3 library for the network representation, plus some HTML and Javascript.

Challenges I ran into

Low knowledge about UI technologie to develop the visual representation of the collected data. No knowledge of the D3 library. Low knowledge about epidemiologists needs. It was not posible to find a team mate with UI develppment knowledge: many projects were looking for this skills and it looks like not so much LauzHack participants had it. Coordination with my only team mate, who ended by forking the implementation. No time to upload the video, sorry :-(

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Set up a demo UI despite the lack of knowledge, in particular about the D3 library.

What I learned

I was already aware of, but this experience stressed it, communication is fundamental. With my unique team mate, we started to discus too late and we misundertood on few but fundamental topics. Tools for communication are great, but they are far away from the efficience of face-to-face discussions. One message sent can get a reply ours later, which is a real difficulty. When you are in the same place at the same time you can less focus on synchronization because it's almost given ... It's a real challenge do do a prototype in 1-2 days if you don't master the technology and sometimes I lost the focus on the fundamental things to work on. But also, you can really learn a lot when you are under such time pressure! Great experience :-)

What's next for Relationship and risk tracking

Improve UI (look&feel, allow to upload person picture to use for node diplay, ...), get epidemiologists' and virologists' feedback to improve the utility of the solution, add backend analysis (e.g. ML for spread prediction and simulation each time a person is met, ...).

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