Proposal Manager was born out of the chaos that contracting companies encounter while searching for federal, state gov. and educational entities' proposals, figuring out who can take the lead to be the proposal manager/assigning to the right person/lead for competency and finally meeting the deadline to complete the submissions on time. This is an everyday effort for Federal contractor companies and is time consuming and expensive.

What it does

Proposal Manager scours the website, looking for contracts with NAICS code 5415 (Computer Systems Design and Related Services). Each of the contract detail page is scraped for the details and stored in a CSV file. This CSV file is then passed to the UiPath AI Fabric's out of the box package for Named Entity recognition. The idea is to figure out the department from which the Contract opportunity originated, so that the right Proposal Manager with the expertise/knowledge of the department could be assigned the task for the proposal writing.

How we built it

We built it using the UiPath RPA tool. The UiPath project scours the website for contracts with NAICS code 5415 (Computer Systems Design and Related Services).

Challenges we ran into

The website is still a beta site and has lots of html issues. The DIV tags were not being identified.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud of learning UiPath and it's ease to create RPA projects.

What we learned

This is my first RPA project. I am planning to do a switch in my career and was looking at RPA as an option. The Hackathon was an inspiration to learn UiPath.

What's next for Proposal Manager

Proposal Manager was an idea that I had while working for a beltway contractor in DC area. I want Proposal Manager to utilize another ML package that I am working on, which would look at past win rates for proposals submitted and figure out if it makes sense to explore the new contract opportunity. This would save companies a lot of time from avoiding pre-proposal meetings that determines whether to go after the proposal or not.

Built With

  • uipath
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