Semester Project: How Can Indoor Air Quality Affect the Spread of Covid-19 in Indoor Spaces on Construction Sites?

Short Description: Construction sites are one of few establishments that are still operating normally in this crisis situation. However, it seems that the measures taken to protect the health of people involved in the construction process are not sufficient, especially when it comes to air quality in indoor spaces like site containers or spaces that are being converted. For our semester project, we are planning on analyzing air quality parameters in different indoor spaces on different construction sites (potentially in different European countries) and then planning on trying to suggest improvement measures that might help in protecting construction workers and engineers. In order to avoid unnecessary contacts with other people in this particular situation (our original semester project had to be cancelled because it required direct contact with other people), we are planning on using our circles of acquaintances to find people that work on construction sites and that could provide us with the air quality parameters needed for our research (the data we need is not too complicated, which is why it should be possible to perform the measurements with simple devices like thermometer and hygrometer that are usually available on construction sites).

Team: Helen Krarup (master student in civil engineering) & Margareta Bali (master student in architecture)

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