Healthcare staff (students, volunteers, but also experienced doctors) need specific instructions concerning the use of medical devices, as some interns notified us (hospitals of Geneva, Lyon, Nyon, Paris and Lausanne). Indeed, centralizing training support should allow an easier access to best practices and therefore reduce the risk of viral transmission directly in the hospitals, as well as protecting the hospital staff, their families and therefore the whole population !

Recent news strenghten our beliefs to continue working in this direction (Update of 9 april 2020): “Washington, D.C., 7 of april 2020 (PAHO) -- The new report entitled State of the World’s Nursing Report 2020 [WHO, 6 april 2020] calls for greater investment in education, improvement in working conditions and strengthening of leadership to improve the contributions of nurses to health systems.”

Source (in spanish): Full report (in english):

What it does

The idea is to build a website containing simple and short videos, as well as printable protocols (all made by professionals) about the best practices to face infectious pandemics in order that health workers can get the full potential of their equipment. Because COVID19 has no frontiers, its content will be available in several widely used languages, such as French, English and Spanish.

How we built it

We created a website using an html template. And we used videos and protocols from different certified sources for each language such as the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention - USA), PAHO (Pan American Health Organization) and the WHO (World Health Organization).

Challenges we ran into

Creating an easy to use website in a quick manner, finding short and complete videos from certified sources, dealing with the variety of medical material and with the different languages.

Accomplishments we are proud of

Our website :)

What we learned

Team work, website design, procedures research and verification.

What's next

Send our website to different organizations to receive feedback and eventually certifications. We hope that they will approve our website as a good procedure reference.

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