Life during the confinement can be hard. More than ever, solidarity is what can make the difference.

CoVie has two main purposes:

  • Solidarity in the neighborhood
  • Good mood sharing and social connections

This app should be especially usefull during the confinement but could also be used when the situation is back to normal by elder people that need help.

What it does

With CoVie you can help people near you. Based on geolocalisation, everyone that cannot leave his house for any reason can post a request on the app. The other peple that are willing to help can then accept some tasks. This can be anything, even a simple social contact by a phone call. This would be implemented as a pending queue of tasks in the app. Anyone who fulfils a request is rewarded by an amount of karma.

With CoVie you can also share your good shots during the confinement, keep social connections with your neighbors by sharing positive messages, pictures, activities and good mood !

How I built it

It will be an Android application written in java.

Challenges I ran into

Into progress

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Into progress

What I learned

Into progress

What's next for PROPOSAL: CoVie

Into progress

Built With

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