The Story:

Due to the global shutdown caused by covid-19, airplanes rest on the ground and public life is very much reduced. The goal of this project is to quantify the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions during the shutdown and its impact on air quality and the CO2 footprint. Furthermore, we aim to investigate how reductions in greenhouse gas emissions can be maintained after the crisis.

How to start:

Firstly, we want to analyse the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as a result of the shutdown. To reduce the amount of data, we will do this at the example of Switzerland. This includes following steps:

  1. Analysis and modelling of emissions (CO2, NO2, Particulate Matter and other) from:
    • Industry
    • Airplanes/airports
    • Transportation (Import/Export of good, business & personal travel)

  2. Compare the model with measurements of the actual content of CO2, NO2 and others in the air.

  3. Estimate the reduction of the greenhouse gas footprint for Switzerland during the corona crisis.

To go further on:

It would be the goal to keep the greenhouse gas footprint as low as possible after the crisis. To achieve this, we are looking for (new) tools how people can keep their low CO2 footprint. This would include:
• Show the advantages of limit travel possibilities. Show that you can have fun in your neighbourhood!
• Push towards less polluting work using the remote-work impulse from covid-19.
• Looking for ideas how to create an environmental- and social friendly future mobility system, including preventation from a new health crisis.

Create incentives for Industry (other than financial support provided by the government) for a more sustainable economy after COVID-19.
• Promise to purchase goods from local trade
• Customers adaptation and acceptance

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