It's a normal Tuesday. I'm sitting down in the dining halls, watching ESPN. Then, a "qualified" analyst makes a pick on a football game. And its outrageous. Absolutely ridiculous. Then he does it again. And again. Turns out he was wrong about nearly all of his picks. Then, I thought about it. If I had the opportunity to publicly release what I thought of these games, I too could be considered a qualified analyst of sports. But why limit it to football? There are hundreds of basketball, football, soccer, hockey, squash, cricket, curling, games happening every year. Enter Prophet. The first and only social sports platform that allows sports fanatics to create groups of friends and predict the outcomes of major sporting events and eventually become sports "experts."

After creating an account and adding friends (through Facebook) on the application, the user can create groups and choose which sport they want to pick in. The application will keep a real time record of the user's picks for the week and their picks for the entire sports season. The user with the most correct picks at the end of the season wins bragging rights among the group. The hope is to eventually integrate the picks of ESPN analysts as well so that users can compare themselves to the experts.

This is not fantasy football or fantasy basketball or march madness. It is more. It is way more. The possibilities are endless. The market that would use this app on a daily basis is too vast to comprehend and ever growing. Although it would take significant learning and effort to solidly the develop the backend of this application, Prophet, as cliche as it sounds, has the chance to be next big thing. It WILL be the next big trend in social applications.

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