"The inspiration for the original product came when a friend asked for my help in fixing issues with his WordPress based real estate website. I quickly realised there were many issues with using WordPress for this purpose. I found out there was no really reliable open source platform for building real estate websites so I created one." -Ed Tewiah, Founder

For the challenge, we wanted to enhance the project in a way that addresses two truths: 1) In commercial real estate, every deal is different. 2) There aren't any sound options for a streamlined, secure, configurable, peer to peer data exchange between the parties involved in a transaction.

What it does

Currently PropertyWebBuilder makes it easy for real estate agents, developers, and property managers to create and own a custom website that can grow with their needs.

For the REBNY Proptech challenge we are building on it to solve the problem of friction within the commercial real estate transaction process. The new federated interface allows transacting parties, and their representatives, to exchange data and documents in the same way that they make deals, on a case-by-case basis.

What's next for PropertyWebBuilder

Provide a federated interface between different instances of PropertyWebBuilder that will allow controlled sharing of specific data relating to each transaction.

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