help my dad rent our old flat online, found out we have to fill a huge form with details of our flat. So I thought "how easy would this be if I used VUI to enable form filling" and boom this idea came in. Also, I wanted to get my hands dirty with Alexa's development. So long story short - reduce form filling time

What it does

It helps you sell, rent or find a property near your area.

How I built it

With Alexa conversation :) and JS

Challenges I ran into

Everything was a challenge to me :)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This skill! Yeaaa!

What I learned

Not much But I am happy I built something

What's next for Property Agent

Make it work properly :P ! Skill ID http://amzn1.ask.skill.20d58811-75b6-4624-a81b-2d1c5e504fc3

Built With

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