I came across some interview responses from local Baltimore residents and found that most of them are concerned about the issue of violence around them, so I wanted to hack something that may help mitigate that problem.

What it does

The app lets people post activities that they are interested in doing but might not have the means to. I believe that each individual has something interesting to teach so I wanted to provide a platform for people to give and gain knowledge and skills from one another. Exercise and hobby-related classes tend to be very pricy. I believe that if my idea were to be put into practice, it would open a lot of doors for many groups of people to learn things they are interested in. Not only that, people could build tighter-knit communities as they spend more quality time with one another. As the activities are meant to be for self-enrichment purposes, young people who participate could benefit in the long-term and possibly add to their career. It would also help them stay out of trouble to some extent. I also wanted to incorporate some kind of reward system as incentive, but ran out of time.

How I built it

React + Firebase

Challenges I ran into

I wasn't able to complete all the features I wanted to build

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I coded non-stop since I got to start at 10pm last night.

What I learned

It's so hard to settle on one idea

What's next for Propel

A lot of ideas in my head but if I discuss them now I might miss the submission deadline

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