• The "Sober October" challenge I've been doing with my friends for the past couple of years. This friendly exercise competition keeps us accountable and motivated.
  • Incredibly fit computer scientist Alan Turing, who was known for running 60km to work.

What it does

  • The contract uses a Chainlink Oracle to fetch the level of cardiovascular strain exerted by both parties in the contract (measured by a Whoop fitness tracker). It they are both have a strain level of greater than or equal to 7.0 (on a scale of 21), the contract awards both parties with a TuringToken NFT. Otherwise they both receive a retryToken.

How its built

  • Marlowe contract using TypeScript, a Solidity contract that implements a Chainlink Oracle, and an HTTP request to fetch data from the fitness tracker.

Technical Challenges

  • Dealing with "callback hell" in the Marlowe contract
  • Getting the Oracle to accept the authorization token to access the strain data.
  • Marlowe doesn't accept Oracle data yet, so the Oracle and contract aren't actually connected.

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