The inspiration really stemmed from a lack of good vibes (thoughts, emotions, feelings) and curation in the web3 space. Far too often would we go to events and be let down by the lack of good vibes. The human layer of blockchain is such an untapped market. How people are interacting with the chain is such an invaluable feat. For us, it is important to think about how we onboard the next 100 million users.

What sweat coin did was so interesting for us to see, because it provided a simple onboarded process for everyday uses. Bringing in 100 million plus people through a simple utility was very encouraging to see. We would like to take a similar approach but through the lens of quality verification, a cultural solution to a lack of quality verification on chain.

What it does

Proof of Vibes (PoV) is blockchain's first “Community Engagement API”, and the only vibe-to-earn protocol. The first iteration of this unique tastemakers’ (aggregators of cool) platform will focus on the quality verification of events. Allowing users to get an understanding of “the vibe” of any specific event before they get there. With KYC (know your community), members of a community have the ability to rate and verify events.

Working directly with DAOs, and large event planners we are able to provide vibes as a service. Quality verification or community consensus is our unique value proposition. Not only are these companies getting listed on our platform, but we would be sending them vibe ambassadors as a way to guarantee that good vibes will be generated.

How we built it

Stack Frontend Angular v14.2.3 Structure Backend python v3.10.7 flask v 2.2.4 to do testing run the the backend_test_env.ps1 in the p folder Testing Docker, (tes in docker containers from linux VM) v20.10.7 E2E Hosting frontend hosting azure static web apps - preview - production - hosting - backend hosting azure app service - Logging log4j DevOps CI/CD/CM CircleCi Version Control Github Communication Linkedin Slack

Challenges we ran into

The minting contracts on NEAR were an obstacle for us to overcome. We spent a lot of time trying to figure out the actual logistics of airdropping people's NFTs directly to their wallets after scanning an NFT.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're super proud of creating the first Vibe-to-earn protocol. A concept in which people are able to actualize their social capital.

What we learned

Building social apps in a weekend is a very ambitious task. The user experience is the most vital aspect of this entire process. The other aspect this hackathon taught me was the different nuances that come with galvanizing a team of people for a weekend hack. understanding different personality types and how best people work.

What's next for Proof of Vibes

So what's next for Proof of Vibes, great question. Next for us is continue to build out what the app looks like. Working on the frontend and UI. Making it as seamless as possible. After we feel the UI is up to par, our focus is on live event curation. Starting with a soft launch at Afro-tech revealing what is being built. Then an official launch at Art Basel partnered with all the event planners to get our product spread across the board. Our plan is to onboard the next million users into the NEAR ecosystem in the next 2 years.

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