Three things inspired this.

  1. My family used to run a food processing facility and one of the challenges we faced was a variable quality of ingredients arriving in the factory. Some truck freezers would be too cold and others would be lukewarm. Others would be nice and dry and others would have high levels of humidity. The problem was proving to the supplier that the product arrived in that condition.

  2. I am both an asthmatic and someone who has severe allergies. As a result, I need to carry around specialty medication. One of the recommendations for that the medications be kept at room temperature at all times.

  3. We waste a great deal of food in our society and this enormously contributes to our greenhouse gas emissions. Much of this spoilage comes from concerns about whether a shipment got too warm (as when uncertain, food is destroyed) or was otherwise compromised. Low cost technology such as this would eliminate that concern.

What it does

Proof of Quality seeks to be a low-cost monitoring technology for every kind of shipment.

How I built it

I built it with an ESP32 microcontroller at the base, a NEO GPS unit for the GPS, a GY-21P for the environmental readings, and an MQ-2 sensor for dangerous gases/rotting.

Challenges I ran into

  • It was my first time working with a GPS unit and doing that inside a large building is difficult as the signal cannot lock on to the satellites.
  • It was just my second time working with an ESP32 board.
  • I forgot my external power cables for my Arduino kit submission:

Built With

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