Lack of Decentralized event hub for IoT devices solution for seemless integration between thousands of IoT devices and cloud central and to Smart contract

What it does

Uploads a file (picture or video or software applications) and stores in IPFS as a proof in later time Which verify if the software is authentic or not and that mobile device IoT will stream to event hub

How I built it

Built the smart contract using solidity and deployed in Rinkeby test net. Login using decentralized identity system uport decentralized and economical file store using IPFS Front end is built using reactjs, nextjs, semantic-ui-react

Challenges I ran into

Tryed to integration MESG service with IoT devices.but found error. Thats why I could not able to continue further. But, even through this hackathon is complete, I will not stop the complete this application.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Built end-to-end decentralized gas effective working model which uses solidity , Rineby , uport , IPFS. But, very happy that I made all attempt to learn about MESG service and its value . Very happy that I will still continue to build by end to end .

What I learned

A new system called deepcloudAI, MESG services

What's next for Proof of IoT Integration

Extend this with coinbase wallet as well so that users can access and upload the images/software and get verified via they mobile device. Integration and develop MESG event hub and integrate it with cloud IoT and blockchain.

Built With

  • deepcloud-ai
  • mesg
  • nextjs
  • react
  • solidy
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