Project Description: "Safe Evidence"


The aim of "Safe Evidence" is to create a secure platform to preserve evidence of incidents or crimes. In today's world, the authenticity and security of evidence are crucial in the investigation and prosecution of crimes. However, evidence can be tampered with or lost, making it challenging to rely on in legal proceedings. The "Safe Evidence" project addresses this issue by providing a secure and efficient way to store evidence and protect it from tampering or loss.


  • Recording and Uploading: Individuals can record video/audio evidence of incidents or crimes and upload it to the website.

  • Encryption and Blockchain Storage: The evidence is encrypted to ensure privacy and stored on the blockchain to prevent tampering and deletion.

  • Machine Learning Classification: A copy of the evidence is sent to a machine learning model to classify it into different types of crimes such as women abuse or child abuse.

  • Notification of Concerned Authority: Based on the classification, the concerned authority is notified, enabling them to take appropriate action.

  • Privacy Preservation: The project prioritizes privacy by not storing data on individuals who upload the evidence.


  • Secure Storage: The use of blockchain and encryption ensures the secure preservation of evidence, making it more reliable in legal proceedings.

  • Efficient Classification: The machine learning model enhances the efficiency of crime classification, enabling authorities to respond quickly to incidents.

  • Privacy Protection: The project prioritizes privacy by not storing data on individuals who upload the evidence, preserving their rights and confidentiality.


"Safe Evidence" is a crucial hackathon project aimed at solving a significant issue in the investigation and prosecution of crimes. By providing a secure platform for recording, storing, and classifying evidence, the project addresses the challenges of preserving evidence and protecting privacy. The use of blockchain, encryption, and machine learning enhances the reliability and efficiency of the platform, making it a valuable tool for authorities in the fight against crime.

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