Settling insurance claims is a tedious process. With the increasing deamand of insurance use in today's world, coupled with the the fact that many consumers attempt to commit insurance fraud, the claims processing system needs an upgrade.

What it does

Crowdsurance assists in managing claims by including its consumers in the process. Through its waze-like interface, users can view traffic conditions in real time and report any accidents they witness. They can upload photographs, videos and a description of the incident. Other commuters or bystanders can also add further detail to the report which helps improve traffic mobility as well as assists law enforcement and traffic insurance companies in processing insurance claims. The data uploaded is timestamped and does not allow users to delete any information posted; they may however update which will also be timestamped and recorded in our database. This is particularly helpful in cases such as hit and run and beyond. Apart from traffic, users may also use the app in 'Insurance mode' where users are requested to assess pending claims from other users before they can submit their own claims. This way, consumers can be included in the claims processing ecosystem and allows them to make meaningful contribution to the system while benefiting at the same time. The assessment can be used to process claims faster reducing the burden on everyone involved.

How we built it

React native, Azure cloud functions, no sleep

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works!

What we learned

Crowdsourcing is awesome!

What's next for Crowdsurance

A secure dashboard for law enforcement and insurance companies to access the data, introducing policies to prevent users from providing careless response to the assessments. Including footage from dashcams.

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