Learning a new language through self study is hard with traditional methods. Many methods are not interactive or do not give proper feedback. Our app specifically addressing how can users better improve their speech and pronunciation in foreign languages. A user will be able to speak to our interactive mobile app, and get their results instantly. Our app will help the speaker practice by re-seeing and pronouncing missed words, and openly hearing what they pronounced right and wrong for future improvement.

What it does

Introducing, a user-friendly app for language learners that focuses on pronunciation, something that tends to be overlooked by some language learners. Depending on the accuracy of the pronunciation, the app will reinforce previously missed words to make sure that the learner pronounces the words well.


  • Speech recognition-based learning that compares your speech to correct pronunciation
  • Progressive lesson plan so app is beginner friendly.
  • Revisit missed words later on in session.
  • Pronunciation practice by hearing sentences/phrases and viewing missed words

How it's built

  • Android SDK
  • Java


  • Integrating Speech-to-Text as cloud service
  • Handling of microphone and file access permissions

Our Accomplishments

  • A working android app prototype
  • Lesson content for the Spanish language
  • Simple yet elegant user interface

What we learned

  • Developing Android app using Android SDK
  • How to use Android Studio and integrate Java into an app
  • How to use a Google API (a lot of work to set up!)

What's next

  • More lesson content
  • More languages, with audio from native speakers
  • Cross-platforming with iOS
  • Implement a way for users to complete the lesson
  • Implement locked and unlocked feature for lessons to create sequential progression
  • Using a diverse set of voices for the phrases
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