I came upon Propagate a few weeks ago and wasted a whole afternoon fiddling around. I got the idea of implementing a similar idea locally in Mathematica. The project so far isn't much more than a limited-functionality clone of its predecessor, but it's evolving and taking on some unique characteristics that may someday distinguish it.

What it does

Promulgate is a local simulation of a tiny garden ecosystem. Plants have buds, which at any time tick execute a function telling them to grow up, down, left, or right, or to seed[] a new plant, split[] off a new bud or terminate[]. Plants compete for light to give them energy to grow; when an old plant dies, shoots in the underbrush fight each other to grow up and take its place.

Grow-functions are designed by the gardener: you engineer some plants, sow their seeds, and then sit back to watch them live and reproduce. A special focus that I've taken is a functional-programming approach. In QH's Propagate, grow-functions are written as procedures in Lua. In my version, anything you can do with the Wolfram Language can be computed by a bud, and since WL programming is largely functional, you will find yourself looking at the role of a bud differently. However, I haven't yet wanted to place any explicit limits on what can be programmed or how, so the buds remain multi-paradigm; for example there's still a little mutability, if that's what you're into. Each bud carries with it a little bit of memory that can store any WL expression. It can read and write to this memory, and pass it down to its descendants.

An example

This little guy uses the "Meta" field as a genome. A population of randoEvos will quickly evolve to become taller and taller.

randoEvo[bud_] :=
 If[! ListQ@bud[["Meta"]], (*If the meta variable is not initialized*)
  writeToMemory[bud[["PlantID"]], bud[["BudID"]], {RandomChoice[{1, -1}], RandomInteger[{3,8}]}], (*then set a random "genome": {direction, height}*)
  With[ (*Otherwise, proceed*)
   {h = Length@bud[["CoordHistory"]],
    pm = bud[["Meta", 1]],
    hmax = bud[["Meta", 2]]
   Which[ (*"If, then, elif, then, etc." in Wolframese*)
    h < hmax, up,
    hmax <= h <= 1.75*hmax, pm*right,
    motherPlant[bud][["Energy"]] >= seedEnergy + 10, 
    seed[seedDir -> pm*right, 
     meta -> {RandomChoice[{1, -1}], 
       RandomReal[{.75, 1.25}]*hmax}] (*mutate genome*)

What's next for Promulgate

?? We'll see.

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